Statistics and Predictive Modeling

CAVA provides our medical-surgical device and pharmaceutical clients with a wide range of customized, value-based analytical and market access services:

  • Internal and strategic value-based modeling and analytics.
  • Complete data analysis, biostatistics, econometric, and research services.
  • Value dossier and formulary submissions.
  • International Technology Assessment support.
  • Prospective data collection.
  • Assessment of research data for commercial viability, R&D, publications, and medical communications.
  • Analytics and modeling for product pricing determinations and payer coverage.
  • Analytics for market segmentation and product positioning for new, mature, or orphan indications.
  • Cost Utility Models (incremental cost vs. quality of life).
  • Budget impact / impact to plan models.
  • Revenue generation models.
  • Health economics journal publications.