CAVA Custom-Designed Health Economics Programs for Hospitals and IDNs

In addition to ground-breaking Comparative Cost-Effectiveness analytics, CAVA provides a powerful array of ancillary services and programs to its hospital and IDN clients:

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  • Industry-sponsored funding initiatives for Cost-Effectiveness research
  • Cost-Effectiveness research protocol design and implementation / coordination
  • Multi-system data exchanges for benchmarking
  • Clinical and economic literature reviews of comparative technologies and biopharmaceuticals
  • Professional education in Health Economics for management and providers
  • Clinical Roundtable coordination
  • Physician / surgeon qualitative intakes and resource consumption studies
  • Business plans, operational plans, and governance document design and drafting
  • General surgeon training in da Vinci Robotics
  • Data Extraction
  • Patient chart reviews to extract data to advance novel comparative analytics

To view a brief 3-minute video demo of CAVA’s online Cost-Effectiveness model platform, and to schedule a more in-depth 30-minute demo webinar with CAVA senior leadership to learn more about CAVA’s customized modeling solutions and programs, contact generique cialis mylan CAVA today.