Custom Designed Analytics

CAVA’s powerful, customize-designed, online Comparative Cost-Effectiveness analytics enable our industry clients to demonstrate the total episode-of-care value of their products in comparison with competitor’s offering in a compelling and credibly way.

CAVA’s Cost-Effectiveness models are independently reviewed by CAVA’s academic advisors, and accessed online via our proprietary, easy-to-use, interactive platform and user dashboards. CAVA models are trusted by a wide range of decision makers, including MCOs, ACOs, hospitals, and US and international public authorities. Our interactive, customized analytic tools are seen as critical business intelligence tools used by the most demanding customers, from hospital supply chain management to CMOs, CMIOs, finance VPs and CFOs, C-Suite, and P&T, Med Tech and Value Assessment Committee members.

Why CAVA’s Proprietary Online CCE Modeling?

CAVA’s patent pending online CCE platform provides unprecedented interactive capabilities to a wide array of different stakeholder / users; instant delivery and model access around the world via laptop or PC; updated evidence uploads as new findings and data become available; complete model version control, security, and administrative assets not possible with static, local, spreadsheet-based models; and an IT architecture / platform that allows integration of fully transparent evidence sources, third-party video, audio, and peer review documents.

Proprietary CAVA Cost-Effectiveness Program Client Engagement Process

  • Due Diligence
  • Evidence Collection
  • Data Synthesis
  • Cost-Effectiveness Model Design
  • CAVA Patent Pending, Online Cost-Effectiveness User Platform Integration
  • Academic, Third-Party Review
  • Model / Program Launch
  • Peer Review Model Validation Publication

CAVA health economists, statisticians, econometricians and predictive modeling experts design our online Cost-Effectiveness models for our industry clients based on best practices of ISPOR, the SMDM, and European agency guidance including NICE, IQWiG, and others.

Following a Due Diligence phase in which evidence is carefully assessed for Cost-Effectiveness viability, CAVA models are fabricated to include all publicly available clinical outcomes evidence in addition to prospective / retrospective primary comparative cost and clinical data, obtained from within CAVA’s network of key outpatient and inpatient providers and other US / global sites of care. Whether it’s IRB-approved medical record review, data warehouse extractions, or prospective clinical or cost data collection, CAVA obtains, aggregates, and synthesizes these data to generate powerful, peer-reviewed Cost-Effectiveness predictive modeling for your customers to make critical, reliable product acquisition decisions.

Increasingly, the role of Comparative Cost-Effectiveness and predictive modeling is becoming integrated into industry as an enterprise-wide competency. CAVA programs assist many of our industry clients in their migration to independent product value analytics.

To view a brief 3-minute video demo of CAVA’s online Cost-Effectiveness model platform, and to schedule a more in-depth 30-minute demo webinar with CAVA senior leadership to learn more about CAVA’s customized modeling solutions and programs, contact CAVA today. help services